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Compassionate Representation Throughout Your Divorce

Separating from your spouse can be a long, drawn-out process if you seek counsel from an inexperienced general practice lawyer. Choosing the right attorney who knows how to achieve fair resolutions for the issues you face can make a difference in your life for years to come.

When you contact the DeNardo Law Office, you will be able to work directly with me – an Easton divorce lawyer who has over 25 years of experience representing individuals in this area of law and prior years of experience as a legal secretary.

Lasting, Fair Resolutions To Your Divorce And Family Law Disputes

Your concerns become my concerns as I help you maintain productive discourse with your spouse, and find solutions that you both can live with and enforce as necessary.

I handle divorce issues, including:


  • Divorce
  • Equitable distribution, property rights and debt division
  • Spousal support (APL or alimony)

When we discuss your case, I will initially go over the basics – your assets, your debts, and your living arrangement. I will then look into your expectations and goals. The best possible outcome will be achieved by remaining fair, reasonable and focused on the sustainability of your legal decisions.

Chances are you will have to deal with your spouse for years to come, and it is important to keep that relationship civil. My skill in negotiations and in the facilitation of productive conversations helps keep my clients out of litigation in most cases. This approach can often be more efficient and cost-effective than more aggressive, less personalized attorneys can offer.

Call Today To Get Started

I work to achieve reasonable, fair resolutions that encourage cooperation between your family members for years to come. Email me or call 610-250-9006 to discuss your legal matter. I can make appointments at flexible times and can make home visits as necessary.